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Slikovni rezultat za erasmus plus no background


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Evaluacija sastanka projekta Erasmus + u Hrvatskoj
Autor: Saša Ostojić, 21. 10. 2019.

Give some personal comments about the visit. It was great,

I'm looking forward to a new meeting. Big thanks to the Croatian school for the well-organized project meeting and great contribution to the project. I liked this meeting very much. Very warm and helpful people. They tried to do their best. Thank you for everything. See you in Lithuania. I was very impressed of the Croatian hospitality. Our students became more self-confident and also opened their mind for another culture. I really enjoyed seeing how students got together and enjoyed each other and how they gained selfconfidence. The program really helps to reduce prejudices and get people together. New friendships were made. The Croatians have a great hospitality. The program was project orientated and we all learned a lot about the ecosystem river. Good professional experience I found the visit very useful for both teachers and students because we learnt a lot about Croatia, about its culture and traditions and because we were able to make a lot of friends. I had good time in this school, this town and I liked the people. I hope to return to this country and spend more time. I liked it very much. Thank you.

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